Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scooter Time

Well we finally live in an area that is not dirt and rocks so the kids got their wish and they are now proud owners of scooters. Can't hardly keep them off of them its the first thing they want to do when they get home from school. Who Knew!

Easter Egg Hunt

Coloring Easter Eggs

The kids had a great time coloring their eggs. Love the tradition and that we get to enjoy it at least once a year.

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Canoe Trip

It was such a great day this last Saturday that we decided to do a canoe trip. Well this was our first canoe trip ever with the kids and I have to tell you I was really skeptical on how it was going to turn out. Brooke had decided before we ever got there that she was scared and couldn't possibly get in which in turn made Breighanna decided she was scared to and then there was Brayden ready for an adventure. The first ten minutes were kinda uncertain as everyone was getting used to the motion and Brayden thought he could move anywhere he wanted to. Well once we fixed that and the kids realized it wasn't really that deep where we were it turned out fantastic and everyone ended up enjoying it. What a blast!! I can definitely see more of those trips in the future.

It was hard getting a picture when I was in the front turned the wrong way. HAHA

Brayden found a snail and was chasing me with it yuck!

The girls wading in the water waiting for Daddy and Brayden to come get us.

Brayden was soo excited he wanted to row soo bad and was upset with me when I took over.


Having Fun At the Beach

Roasted Honey

Earthy Tones


Monkeying Around


Palm Beach

Palm Trees


Halloween 2


Holiday Cheer

Sleighbells ringing